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About the Total Dental Health products

This Total Dental Health program I created includes high quality instruction for the buyer to prevent and reverse gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral disease. The front end product is an ebook focused on instructing the buyer in nutrition, herbs, oral hygiene, and other methods to optimize their oral health at home. The upsell and downsell products are series of videos that provide information and guidance that supplements that in the ebook. Among other things, the video series teach the buyer to use the beneficial procedures of dentists and to avoid the harmful ones. This not only preserves the buyer's health, it spares them thousands of dollars in unnecessary dental expenses. So the value to the buyer is far beyond what they pay for the ebook and the videos.

The majority of adults now have periodontal disease, which causes heart attacks, tooth decay, tooth loss, and other serious diseases. My Total Dental Health products teach the buyer to prevent and reverse periodontal disease. And since people generally desire to keep their teeth and avoid fillings, root canal procedures, dentures, and dental implants, there is a huge market for my Total Dental Health products. And those people are highly motivated. They want the benefit to their health and they want to stop wasting thousands of dollars on unnecessary dental procedures. 

Unlike the other outsourced material that’s written by workers who aren’t even fluent in English—experienced Internet marketers know what I’m talking about here—I wrote the ebook myself after extensive research. In this product buyers get the same high quality with flawless spelling and grammar that you’re reading here. There are no valueless pictures or other fluff thrown in to lengthen the product. It’s all high-value material. Buyers will get more powerful insights and far more complete guidance than they could get from a dozen Internet searches on this topic. Buyers quickly realize they're learning the keys they hadn't known before to maintain their oral health. And they realize how much money they stand to save on dental procedures. This all helps to ensure buyers are wowed and refund requests are minimized. 

The Total Dental Health program's materials, its sales page on this site, and the thank-you video and page for it have all been worded and designed carefully. They include the latest best practices that are taught in ClickBank University 2.0 to maximize conversions, optimize buyer satisfaction, and minimize refund requests. Split-testing of the sales page is ongoing to further enhance the conversion rate (converting visitors into buyers).

You as an affiliate get 75% commissions on sales, upsells, and downsells!


It's important to me to only create and sell products that truly provide great value to my customers. And I want to present them in a way that I feel good about and that you can feel good about when promoting them. Among other things, that means:

  • I deliver what I promise
  • All products, including this Total Dental Health program, are of great quality and value
  • I respect viewers' and buyers' time, trust, and intelligence
  • No deception or manipulative, sleazy sales tactics

So, in short, when promoting these products you can preserve your followers' trust and feel good about truly serving them well.

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