Psoriasis Free For Life Review

As a former psoriasis sufferer myself, I can tell you that the Psoriasis Free For Life ebook is garbage. This review doesn’t even need to be long, as I can quickly explain and show you how obvious it is that the Psoriasis Free For Life ebook is crap and will not do anyone with psoriasis any good. But I will not leave you stranded without other suggestions based on my experience. There are some very good ebooks and other guides to curing psoriasis which I’ll mention at the end of this review. But first let me explain why Psoriasis Free For Life is useless garbage.

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First, if you scrutinize the Psoriasis Free For Life Web site, you can detect hints of what a scam it is. In the headline of the home page (which I show below), it states “contrarily to their prediction.” The writer meant “contrary” not “contrarily.” This might seem like a minor point, but it’s actually just one of the first signs of many that this Web site and the ebook it sells have been carelessly thrown together—most likely by someone who is not fluent in English.

Psoriasis Free For Life home page excerpt

Additionally, the Psoriasis Free For Life Web site claims that the ebook was written by a former psoriasis sufferer named Katy Wilson. But when you actually read the Psoriasis Free For Life ebook you find no mention of this fictional Katy Wilson and the copyright is assigned to the Web site’s address, not her. Instead, you find statements in the ebook like “We love hearing how our Psoriasis Free For Life has helped people.” So it dawns on you pretty quickly that the Web site was deceptive.

The Psoriasis Free For Life ebook is riddled with butchered English. It’s as though someone just used software to gather pieces of writing from the Web, alter them a bit, and mash them together without anyone proofreading it. If you think I might be exaggerating, take a look at this short excerpt. I’ve highlighted the parts with glaring incorrect, misspelled, or missing words. Now multiply that butchered English by 100 and you get an idea of what the rest of the ebook is like.   Psoriasis Free For Life butchered English excerpt

Also, to give the illusion of a lot of substance to this Psoriasis Free For Life ebook, the creator uses big spacing between lines; a lot of empty space after headings; and large margins on the side. Thus, only a small fraction of this 80-page ebook really contains any text. The vast majority of its pages are just white space, as you can see in one of its pages I picture below. The chapters are also very short and lack substance or practical guidance.

Psoriasis Free For Life ebook line spacing and margins

If that deception and trickery weren’t bad enough, Psoriasis Free For Life’s actual content and advice regarding psoriasis are terrible. Clearly, it was not written by anyone familiar with curing psoriasis, much less anyone who has healed themselves of it. It even contradicts its own advice! It states, “you should understand that while eating foods laden with fats is not healthy for your body there are certain forms of fats which are vital for your health. These types of fats include the fatty acids which can be found in certain foods like that of fresh cold water fish. The addition of foods with good fatty acids may help with reducing any inflammations caused by your psoriasis.” Well, that’s true and accurate. But then the ebook later contradicts that sound advice by stating, “All forms of animal fats, processed canned foods and eggs 
need to be avoided.” Are you kidding me?! The avoidance of all animal fats would actually tend to contribute to, not heal psoriasis. And as for eggs, most people with psoriasis don’t need to avoid them. That’s just ridiculous and counterproductive advice.

Then there’s Psoriasis Free For Life’s chapter on detoxifying your body. Detoxifying the body is usually one of the most critical steps that need to be accomplished to heal psoriasis. But Psoriasis Free For Life’s chapter on that is tiny and just contains useless advice like “Here you will find there are numerous methods that you can use. These may include buying a detoxification product from the drug store or via the internet.”  No further specifics or helpful guidance are provided.

To summarize this review, the Psoriasis Free For Life ebook is meritless crap that won’t help anyone cure themselves of psoriasis. But I encourage you to remain optimistic about healing yourself of psoriasis. I’ve done it myself. You just need sound, comprehensive guidance. And that does exist in other ebooks I’ve read that are truly of high-quality and provide accurate advice. One is The Psoriasis Program package of ebooks written by doctor of naturopathic medicine Eric Bakker. You can view my video review of The Psoriasis Program if you like. Another such ebook with good advice on curing psoriasis naturally is Psoriasis Revolution. You can view my video review of Psoriasis Revolution, too.

I hope this review of the Psoriasis Free For Life ebook has been insightful for you and steered you away from wasting your money and time on such rubbish. Stay optimistic, find and use good guidance, and you can heal and recover the great health you deserve!

As a bonus, I thought you might enjoy this informative, insightful video I made in which I explain home remedies I used to cure my psoriasis. I can’t cover everything in a short video, but I thought this might be of some benefit:

Psoriasis Free For Life ebook

Psoriasis Free For Life ebook

Value for your money


    Product's quality


      Accuracy of its health advice


        Honesty of its Web site


          Overall rating



            • The majority of its words are spelled correctly
            • The text is clear and readable
            • Its cover image is slick


            • Scanty and inaccurate advice
            • A lack of practical guidance
            • Deceptive Web site
            • Almost no potential to cure psoriasis
            • Terrible, sloppy English