My Ebooks / Audiobooks / Video Series

I’ve created a number of ebooks, audiobooks, and instructional video series on health topics. You can use them on most computers, smartphones, and tablets. Here’s a quick rundown of them:

  1. The latest one I’ve created is my Perfect Eyesight Program. It’s a series of videos in which I provide comprehensive instruction on simple methods and principles to remedy eyesight disorders and establish clear eyesight. You can learn more about the Perfect Eyesight Program and purchase it at its site
  2. The Ultimate Master Cleanse Guide. Ever heard of the Master Cleanse (also known as the Lemonade Diet) that’s been popular for decades? It’s the most simple and effective regimen I know of to rapidly cleanse and renew yourself both physically and psychologically. I’ve explored and used it myself a number of times and found it wonderfully rejuvenating. Yet the original little book on it titled The Master Cleanser from decades ago provides minimal and incomplete guidance on performing the Master Cleanse. And most of the other books or Web pages on it provide inaccurate or incomplete guidance, as well. Thus, a lot of people get terrible results using the Master Cleanse. But for those who want to get terrific results, I created my series of instructional videos, audiobook, and ebook I offer as the Ultimate Master Cleanse Guide at
  3. We used a couple of simple, natural substances to heal my partner’s scar from surgery. I explain the method, sources of supplies, and everything you need to know to do it yourself in my little ebook The Scar Cure and the audiobook by the same title. Both are available via