How to remedy psoriasis naturally 

As a former psoriasis sufferer myself, I can assure you that it is possible to heal from psoriasis naturally. In fact, to truly remedy the underlying causes of psoriasis, it has to be done naturally. In this article, I’ll help you to understand how to accomplish that as well. (Of course, this article is not customized to you, so please see the disclaimer below.)  

You see, psoriasis is not some disease that you are destined to have forever. It’s not locked into your body and it does not require any drugs or harsh treatments to resolve it. And contrary to what many ignorant physicians and dermatologists suggest, psoriasis is not:

  • A matter of your skin malfunctioning
  • A mysterious disorder that is not understood
  • Determined by your genetics
  • A condition you can only “manage” or “learn to live with”
  • Something you’ll be stuck with for the rest of your life  

If you are to resolve the causes of psoriasis naturally like I did, it’s essential that you see past those self-defeating untruths that I just listed above. If you already know those concepts to be false and are confident that you can cure psoriasis naturally, then you may skip ahead to the next section which I’ve titled “The How.” But if you still believe any of those self-defeating concepts, continue reading this section first so I can help you overcome them.  

With psoriasis, it’s easy to misinterpret it as being a condition that’s localized to the areas that are disfigured or painful. Patches of inflamed, scaly skin, and painful joints are common. I won’t review the symptoms and varieties of psoriasis in depth here, as I know that’s not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for practical guidance, so let’s keep focused on that and get you on track to good health as quickly as possible.  

To help you overcome the self-defeating beliefs that keep a lot of people stuck with psoriasis indefinitely, let’s address them one by one. First, psoriasis is not a matter of your skin malfunctioning. The areas of your skin afflicted by psoriasis are simply an outer symptom of an internal state of disease. As you correct the internal state of disease, the afflicted outer areas of your body will heal naturally. And I can tell you from personal experience, it will feel so gratifying!  

Psoriasis is not mysterious, either. It’s true that many physicians in the U.S.A. and elsewhere do not have a good understanding of the causes of psoriasis. Thus, those practitioners will tell you that psoriasis is mysterious. But it’s only mysterious to them. It’s not mysterious to everyone else. And if you want to cure psoriasis naturally, you need to learn from those who do understand it, not those who consider it to be mysterious.  

You may also hear that psoriasis is caused by your genetics. While your genetics may make you more prone to psoriasis or other conditions than certain other people, it’s important to understand that’s different than your genetics causing your psoriasis. Just because you may be prone to a condition like psoriasis does not mean that you are fated to experience psoriasis. Even if a person may be prone to psoriasis, it only develops if you overlook the factors that actually cause the psoriasis to develop. It’s the other factors, like diet, toxicity, and others that are within your control that trigger the psoriasis to manifest.  

Health care practitioners and psoriasis organizations—some of which may have ulterior motives to sell their drugs—may lead you to believe that psoriasis can only be managed, not ended. That’s just not true, as many people like myself can attest. Psoriasis can be resolved naturally, but you have to address its internal causes. External treatments and drugs may temporarily alleviate psoriasis symptoms, but they do not resolve the causes of psoriasis. Thus, they don’t cure psoriasis.  


As I mentioned, to cure psoriasis naturally you must address the internal causes of psoriasis. I’ll touch on some natural external treatments you can use to alleviate psoriasis a bit later, but first let’s cover the more important internal factors.  

Ideally, the body expels wastes, poisons, and other toxins efficiently. It expels them via the urine, stool, breathe, and skin. When this elimination system becomes impaired or backed up, the body may resort to expelling more of these toxins via the skin or depositing the toxins in certain areas of the body—resulting in psoriasis. This buildup of toxins in the body is one of the primary causes of psoriasis.  

Though I can’t cover the details of these elimination and detoxification processes and how to get them working properly in this one article, I’ll address some of the main points. So if you'd like to follow through on the tips I provide here, I'll recommend a couple of excellent ebooks that go into more detail than I can here. The series of ebooks The Psoriasis Program by naturopathic physician Eric Bakker does a marvelous job of explaining these matters thoroughly with more detailed, practical instructions. It is the best source of accurate and complete guidance on curing psoriasis naturally that I know of. Another very good, comprehensive ebook on curing psoriasis is Psoriasis Revolution. You can read my review of Psoriasis Revolution on this site if you like. (Don't bother with the crappy ebook Psoriasis Free For Life, which I also reviewed on this site.) So if this article resonates with you and you’d like to follow through on curing psoriasis naturally, I recommend obtaining The Psoriasis Program or Psoriasis Revolution. (I’ll warn you that the sales page for The Psoriasis Program currently has an overwhelming amount of text and images on it, whereas the sales page for Psoriasis Revolution is more concise. But both of those ebooks are top notch and come with a money-back guarantee.)  

To get your body’s detoxification system working optimally—and thereby reduce or eliminate psoriasis—you must hydrate your body well. Avoid substances that dehydrate your body, such as alcohol and caffeine. And you must drink lots of clean, plain water throughout the day. Other beverages don’t hydrate the body as well as plain water. Without plenty of hydration throughout the day, your body simply cannot eliminate toxins efficiently via your urine and stool, no matter what else you do.  

Your body also needs plenty of fiber to keep waste moving via bowel movements. If you aren’t getting a good deal of fiber with each meal, your body won’t have the material it needs to propel wastes efficiently via bowel movements. In particular, your body needs a good amount and variety of vegetables for good health and to be psoriasis-free.  

Those suffering from psoriasis commonly have an overgrowth of yeast in their bodies. This is often a root cause of psoriasis. Eliminating foods and beverages that have sugar added to them is essential to eliminating these yeast. Other measures, such as taking enteric-coated capsules of oregano oil and probiotics can help tremendously with killing off the yeast and replacing them with the beneficial bacteria that belong in your colon.  

Stress is often a big factor in psoriasis. You can be eating a good diet and providing your body with what it needs physically, but if your mindset is stressing and upsetting you daily, your body cannot be healthy. This stress-induced disease can manifest in the body in a variety of ways. One of those manifestations can be psoriasis.  

Depending on where they are in the spine, subluxations can cause malfunction of pretty much all organs and areas of the body. They can also be an underlying factor in some cases of psoriasis. So if you suffer from psoriasis and have not been examined by a chiropractor lately, it may be worthwhile to get that done.  

You could say that the liver is the body’s main organ of detoxification. It can become overloaded, clogged, and weakened. As it deteriorates in function, symptoms like psoriasis can develop. There are herbs and at-home procedures like liver flushes that can be used to clean and revitalize the liver.  

I’ve touched on some of the internal measures to cure psoriasis. There are also some natural external treatments that can be helpful. Don’t expect external treatments to cure psoriasis (because psoriasis develops inside the body), but external treatments can provide some relief while you’re working on resolving the internal causes. Applying organic coconut oil and emu oil can be beneficial in treating psoriasis. There are other natural oils and substances suggested for external treatment of psoriasis, but in my personal experience coconut oil and emu oil have been particularly helpful. Generally, the more raw and unprocessed the coconut oil, the more healing it is for your skin. Look for direct micro-expelled coconut oil.

I hope this article on curing psoriasis naturally has been insightful and helpful for you. And I certainly hope you're healthy and psoriasis free soon! As I mentioned, for more thorough and detailed guidance on how to cure psoriasis naturally, I recommend Dr. Eric Bakker's The Psoriasis Program or the Psoriasis Revolution ebook. ~ Health Guru Mike

DISCLAIMER: The content of is offered on an informational basis only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the guidance of a qualified health provider before making any adjustment to a medication or treatment you are currently using, and/or starting any new medication or treatment. All recommendations are "generally informational" and not specifically applicable to any individual's medical problems, concerns and/or needs.

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