Best Herbs For Energy And Vitality

Best Herbs For Energy And Vitality

The wrong herbs for energy and vitality

Most people in the U.S.A. (and perhaps elsewhere) choose the wrong herbs for energy and vitality. They opt for herbal stimulants like coffee and other sources of caffeine which steadily deplete their energy and vitality. The more you take herbal stimulants like those that more energy you lose and the more dependent you become on those herbs for energy and vitality.

Using such stimulant herbs for energy and vitality also carries other adverse effects. Caffeine also raises blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks; causes anxiety and jitteriness; causes insomnia; causes muscle tension, and many other ailments.

Tonic herbs for energy and vitality

But there are more healthful herbs for energy and vitality. As I explain in this video on healthful herbs for energy and vitality, it’s best for your health to go with tonic herbs rather than stimulant herbs. Tonic herbs like ginseng root gradually build up your energy and vitality rather than depleting them like stimulant herbs do. For health and long term results, tonic herbs are the best herbs for energy.

Tonic herbs strengthen your reserve of energy so that you can stop taking them without withdrawal symptoms. They also tend not to cause the adverse effects that stimulant herbs like coffee do. Good tonic herbs for energy and vitality provide a steady, calm energy and adaptability rather than spikes and crashes of energy like stimulants cause.

Sources of the best herbs for energy

The best herbs for energy and vitality include more than just ginseng root. But the quality and preparation of such herbs is critical to their truly building your energy and vitality. Poor quality herbs like you’ll find in most pharmacies won’t do the job well or at all.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine are generally knowledgeable of these herbs. They can advise you on the combination of herbs that would be best for your energy and vitality. They may even be able to provide you with the best herbs for you.

But you can also get high quality preparations and formulas of tonic herbs on your own. These days you can even buy them online or by phone and have them delivered to your door. There are particular sellers of Chinese tonic herbs I recommend and specific products I have used and suggest for energy and vitality. You may click here to have me email my latest recommendations on those herbs as well as other tips for energy and vitality.